About Me

My name is Josh Higgins, and I am a professional reporter at Inside Cybersecurity, an online publication at Inside Washington Publishers. At Inside Cybersecurity, I report on cybersecurity issues within the transportation, energy, and critical infrastructure industries and with cyber-physical systems. I also cover Congress and the Obama administration’s activities relating to cybersecurity. On this site, you can access a collection of my published work, featured class assignments, and my resume. To view an archive of my work thus far at Inside Cybersecurity, click here.

I am an alumnus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., where I graduated summa cum laude with bachelor’s degrees in multimedia journalism and political science. During my final semester at Tech, I was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.

Between my junior and senior years of college, I completed a newsroom internship at USA TODAY, where I prepared the Your Say page for the print edition and for the Web and managed USA TODAY Opinion’s Twitter account. In addition, I assisted with research for the editorial board, helped out with the Opinion section’s video series, “Ask USA TODAY,” and even established USA TODAY Opinion’s presence on Tumblr.

Prior to my USA TODAY internship, I was the opinions editor for the Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech’s independent student newspaper. Before becoming editor, I previously worked for the CT as a news reporter, covering university policy, gun control on campus, student and faculty research projects and competitions, and local news, among other topics.

During the summer of 2012, I served as an editorial intern for Homeland Security Today magazine. While at HSToday, I covered a D.C. cyber-security conference, the Committee on Homeland Security in the House of Representatives and the Department of Homeland Security. I also completed a long-term assignment on the New York Police Department’s racial profiling practices, which gave me the opportunity to interview Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J., about debate in Congress over the NYPD’s counterterrorism practices. In addition, I conducted research for a project my editor was working on about the 2012 presidential candidates’ stances on homeland security-related issues and contributed to a homeland security report card published in the Sept. 2012 issue.

As a senior at Virginia Tech, I returned to news reporting at the CT, and became managing editor of Virginia Tech’s undergraduate research journal for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, PhilologiaUpon graduation, I entered my current position as a cybersecurity reporter, marking the beginning of my career career as a professional journalist in Washington, D.C. area.

In addition to my interest in politics and journalism, I am also a music and movie enthusiast (and I love any series on HBO), and I enjoy practicing photography.